Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Why Cassidy Loves Sugar

Today when I came home for lunch Cassi was bouncing on the bed with sweet abandon and saying, "Guess what I had for lunch today Mom??!!! Cereal with SUGAR!!!"

Uhh. I left shortly after that.


  1. sounds like a pretty balanced diet to me.

    hey, you guys need to check out this blog,

    leesa is an awesome photographer, and she told me i could use one of her pictures on my desktop. It is so peaceful and enjoyable, since i stare at this computer so much during the day. My camera doesn't take as good of pics as her's and the fact she's really talented.

  2. I hate sugar! Actually, I like to eat it, I just don't like what I know about it. Too bad I don't think about it before I eat it.

  3. I really want to watch their diets in the new year. Cassi would eat cereal 3 meals a day if I would let her! (At least she did eat bran cereal with blueberries)

    Does Splenda have the same effect on your body as sugar? I know you will know the answer......:)

  4. We stay away from Splenda/Aspartame/Nutra-Sweet products. If you want to use real sugar use "Sucanat" - you can find it at the health food stores (not at Kroger - I've tried). Sucanat looks like grape nuts cereal and your body is able to utilize it better. If you want to use a sugar substitute, use Stevia. These are the products I use. You can get Stevia at Kroger. Do a google search for Sucanat and Stevia and you'll find all kinds of information.

    Also, I try to keep home made cookies around for the kids made with Sucanat and unbleached/unenriched flour and other organic ingredients. I try to buy organics most of the time but if I can't, my one rule I try to live by is to buy products with the least amount of ingredients.

    Okay, a simple post got long on me. As I said in my latest post, I can talk all day about the Lord and His Word and nutrition.


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