Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sweet November

Man, wasn't that a bad movie in the 90's?? Just awful.

I can't believe it is November already. I have not done any birthday shopping yet. One daughter's b-day is Nov 16th and the other is Dec 11th, so we have an expensive 2 months ahead of us!!

My almost 11 yr old is wanting to have a party so bad....and I am trying to encourage her to just have a regular party and not a slumber party. She really has a hard time at slumber parties. If the guests don't pay attention to her the whole time she gets upset and starts acting badly and that stresses me out. I want her to just have a party, eat cake, play and go home!

My 5 yr old is still little enough that a skate party will make her happy. She is finally big enough to do that so that is the tentative plan for her. I really like those up w/a cake and a birthday kid and you're done! They do all the rest. :)

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