Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dad's Birthday

Today is my fathers birthday. He still has not made a public decision regarding rededication of his life to Jesus. I was encouraged however that he went to church Sunday to see my mother and her twin sister get baptized. The preacher's message was right on and very convicting, to me anyway, so I hope it made a dent in his heart.

I heard Adrian Rogers quote D.L. Moody yesterday: The world specializes in hardening hearts and God specializes in softening them. (Paraphrased)

Boy isn't that the truth. My dad and brother have really bought into what the world thinks they should be. They seem to me to be too afraid/proud to ask Jesus to meet them where they are and help them.

I hope and pray that I am soft enough to be molded. I know my righteousness is a filthy rag. Jesus plz cover me today. Strengthen and encourage me. Please let me know you love me today.

And now for something completely different: Our Drug Screens on Demand venture is off and running. We are official now, with a tax id#, accountant and checking account even!!! Lord please bless this venture. We have submitted it to your will and give you glory for all that will happen. Please watch over us, keep us alert and in tune with what is going on and and direct us.

I was up early because Cassidy was thrashing around and coughing all night. It was a long night.

Wow what a post. Wonder who reads this stuff besides me? And if anyone does read it doesn't it BORE you to tears? My life is pretty calm really. I love my life and I really love my husband and family. Thanks God.

Good morning, now let the stress begin. haha :)

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