Saturday, November 12, 2005

Party Day

Today my husband and his mother are sponsoring a party for our Sunday School Class. They had originally planned to have it at her house outside and call it The Carport Jazz Festival. (Very cute name I think) The weather is not cooperating and the alternative at their house was in the garage. That is all fine and good for adults, but with all the children we have we thought having it in the Fellowship Hall at church would be a better idea. It will be a little louder because it is so big and there is no carpet but everyone will feel more comfortable inside.

They also planned a "Feed the Band" supper so that will be fun. Hubby's Aunt Lil who owns a barbecue joint is catering. Aunt Dodo is coming to help G-mom get everything ready.

I love to be around the sisters when they are together. They laugh and sing ALL the time. They make you feel special and you know they love you and each other.

I look forward to this evening and hope everything goes well. I think all this planning and decision making has worn Hubby out. Since he has been sick he is not the most decisive person and this has really tried him.

We have two singers and two bands, a couple of people who are going to play guitar. It should be fun fellowship anyway.

Gotta run. Breakfast is ready!

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