Monday, November 07, 2005

Busy Monday

Wow Mondays are hard. I felt like I had to DRAG myself out of bed this morning. Hubby actually beat me up and he is rarely first-one-up these days. I was only 2 minutes late, so that was good. Good thing I live a mile away from work! haha

We have the opportunity to move back to my home town to life in Nan's house. I am torn about it.....I would love to have a newer home, be near my family, and be in a nicer neighborhood, and have a lower house payment. There are lots of pro's and con's...we have to talk more in depth about it later. I prayed hard about it today, begging God to help me and lead me and be very clear. Friend "C" plz pray for us. I want to do what is best for my family without taking advantage of the situation but I want a good deal on the house if we buy it. That's not wrong is it? I hate change sometimes.

Well I just got home at 8:15 from work/girlscouts/shopping for dance paraphenalia for Daughter #2 who is starting dance class tomorrow. (She looked so cute in her stuff!) Had to go to three stores including Super Walmart which I hate to get everything.....should have just started there in the first place.

I must go now I have something very important to do......

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  1. if we're going to move, let's move to Sallisaw so the kids can be in a GOOD band.


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