Sunday, November 06, 2005

Lazy Sunday

This day was anything but lazy! Got up early to get Hubby and Daughter #1 ready to get going. Hubby had to be at church at 8am and Daughter had to be ready for a road trip by 8am.

I took advantage of the time and got lunch ready...totally ready by 9:30! Woohoo! (Don't get too excited, it was only potato soup.) We were having company over for lunch and I didn't want to spend all my time preparing when there was good visiting to do.

Hubby filled-in for a musician at a local church for a drama/musical they were having. It was really good. At the end they played a very dramatic song with sign-language interpretation and also played a couple of scenes from "passion of the Christ".

When I really take time to think about what Jesus actually did for us it just puts me in awe. He left Heaven to come to earth to try and show us how to live and how to love God and our neighbors. Why? Love. In the end isn't it love that really matters?

It sure isn't the worldly JUNK that fills this house. It isn't the junk we fill our minds with on TV. It isn't the clothes we wear, the friends we have or even the car we drive.

It is the things with eternal value that matter. Am I spending my time investing in things with eternal value? Not as much as I want to and not as much as I know I need to. Why? The world gets in the way. The world says I deserve a break today so I take it camped out in front of the TV or doing housework.

~Oh God please help me. Mold me and use me. Fill me up with your love so that when some one is near me they will see you shine through me. Help me to keep my eyes on you, my heart tender to your Holy Spirit, and my will conformed to yours. Help me to see the world for what it is: a temporary home. Thank you for my eternal home in Heaven. Thank you for my ticket in Jesus. ~

Yesterday we were at Nan's house cleaning out closets...actually my mother and my aunt were doing it, Cassi and I just happened to show up. We found a picture of my great great grandfather and it looked EXACTLY like my middle brother Tom. It was eerie! Exactly like him...facial expression, body type, everything! May have been a fluke because another picture doesn't look like him but how neat to see how his look passed on through generations.......Look at the picture attached; he is the one in the apron on the right of the photo.

It was neat to see all Nan's pictures. I had never seen them. I am going to thump her when I get to Heaven for not showing me them. They really were neat. There were very few of her. She was the third child and her father left them shortly after she was born, so they were very very poor during her up-bringing. I hope we get the chance to look at all her stuff and learn more about her. ( I hate it that we didn't take time to talk to her more about it. Anyone reading this please take the time to talk to your grandparents about what they will cherish it when they are gone!)

Well this lazy Sunday is really a wonderful day. I am going to go enjoy it now!

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