Sunday, September 18, 2005

Tick Tock

It seems the only time I have to write a post is Sunday night.

Everyone is cleaned up and relaxing in bed waiting to go to sleep. (Thank Heaven) It has been a busy day. My oldest daughter spent the night with a friend, went to church with her and played at her house after lunch. She came home exhausted and I made her go to bed early, otherwise we will pay for all the fun she had this weekend tomorrow morning when I try and get her up for school.

My five year old is running around the house in a leotard telling me she wants to be in gymnastics again, and she tells me, "Grandma will pay." So matter-of-factly. I would love for her to go back because she really liked it, but it is expensive, and right now we just can't afford it.

My husband is still waiting to hear about his disability. We have appealed his denial and pray that it goes through. We have made it the last year, but it has been hard. I won't lie. It has been hard on all of us. He has had to be more of a care-giver for the girls and it has been difficult for him because he gets so fatigued and I have had to take on more jobs and that isn't all that fun. I see why that women were not made to be head of household. I get emotional about everything and have to have a pity party occassionally and just get to feeling sorry for myself and my family. THEN I pray about it and just give it to God, and you k now what? I feel better. Sometimes after balancing the check book I don't know how we will make it to payday. One time this summer I prayed.."God I don't know how you are going to do it, I don't know where I am going to get the money for _____ this week. Please help us." and you know what? There was an anonymous note in my mailbox, mailed days before with a $100 bill in it. He knew my need before I did, and truth be told the money was in my mailbox as I prayed. I just burst into tears of thankfulness.
Everyday isn't like that and some days I wallow in my pity, but generally I am pretty reconciled to my life and my happiness.

I went to Webbers Falls, OK last night to hear my husband and the band he is in play for a little River Festival. It was informal and mostly secular music. They played contemporary Christian music and did a fine job. They really have fun playing and I enjoy watching them perform. ( I don't however like to hear them practice......) Their lead singer is having nasal surgery this week so they are taking a break. (Hubby says he will have more time to devote to helping out around the house now......yea!!! ) I got tickled at Sean, the lead singer, when they took the stage, he said, "And now for something completely different." (the preceding and proceeding bands all played country/Southern rock music)

Instead of blogging I should be in the living room conquering the Laundry Monster. There is a pile of clean clothes on my couch calling my name so I will conquer them now. I will. Here I go.............ok now here I go. really. yep. I am on my way in there to fold clothes now............g-night.

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