Sunday, September 04, 2005

Weekend Update

Well our weekend is just about up. Sometimes I just hate 4 day weekends. They are nice, but everyone tries to cram so much into it you are worn out by the time you get back to work!

Tomorrow we are going to the Oldest Town In Oklahoma for lunch with my family.

I took off Friday from my regular job and went to anther part time job I have and then to work at my home based job so I really didn't have any time off at all. Saturday I went back to the part time job early in the morning to get as much done as I can which is hard. I go in at 6am and boy do I get sleepy! I have to get up and walk around sometimes to stay awake. I have the music going and I just sing to my heart's content and sometimes I even dance a bit. Wouldn't that be a sight to see for someone driving by?

There is a lady who always brings a trunkful of trash to (illegally) dump in the dumpster in front of the office I work at on Saturdays. She comes every Saturday about 8am. Her tags are from Arizona. She is very thin and doesn't have a lot of trash. I guess since thin people don't eat much they don't have a lot of trash either! haha I stood in the window and watched her. I have way too much time on my hands Saturdays at the office!

Today was church and believe it or not I actually got to take a nap.I fell asleep watching Alton Brown's Kitchen Remodel on the Food Network. He is my fav chef. I love his scientific explanations! My nap lasted until my 5 year old decides to drag out a toy that she just HAPPENED to desire to play with today. A BAG FULL OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, PARTICULARLY A TAMBOURINE! Good thing I woke up and took away the thrill of waking me up. She hasn't even looked at those toys in a year and today the urge to play with them was just overwhelming I guess. What a little mischeivious thing she is. I do not look forward to adolescence.

I don't think I got all of my nap out so I am going to bed, but before I do I am hiding the tambourine. :o)


  1. I'm going to have to disagree with the first fourth of your blog. Free food always, ALWAYS wins over your imagined dislike of the inlaws. EVERYTIME!!!!!!

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