Monday, September 19, 2005

Die Monster Die!

I am happy to report the Laundry Monster has been conquered, and mostly disposed of. Small remnants remain to be put to rest tomorrow. Whew! What a job. Too bad it won't stay conquered for long. That's what I hate about laundry. The time that all of it is done is so fleeting......


  1. Hey I am excited to see fellow believers on the web. Check out my site if you get a free chance. Feel free to share yur thoughts and feelings.

  2. I know what you mean about turning it over to God. I always worry, fret, cry, and cause myself such misery and then I think,"God, he can help me!" Oh the pain and weary I caused myself by not going to him first!! Thank you Suzy for reminding me where I need to go tonight. TO GOD!! I knew there was a reason that you were my friend and for so many years.
    Love ya,


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