Saturday, August 27, 2005

Home again home again, jiggety jig

My hubby has been in Houston for 4 days. (His father is at MD Anderson receiving experimental drugs for leukemia. He had a mild heart attack this week and Hubby felt like he should go and help out and give some support. Papa has been in Houston all summer and it probably did them both some good to be together. )

He I am beginning to miss him a little. The first three days I was working all day and when I got home the girls kept me busy til bed time so I didn't get to miss him that much but today, Saturday, has been a different story. I am used to him being here to annoy me and I hate to admit it but I miss it.

Some good things about him being gone:
The yard is neat and tidy. My dad came over to weed eat for me and we got it all spiffed up. The girls have been pretty good, no major melt downs (of mine) and few fights actually.
I still have the gallon of milk I bought Thursday. (Hubby eats a bowl of cereal before bed every night)
That's about it.

Some bad things about him being gone:
I have to ask someone else to pick them up after school. They LOVE Dad picking them up.
We have all had some melancholy moments of loneliness.
I still have the gallon of milk I bought Thursday. It will probably spoil before I can drink it.

He arrives tomorrow at 6pm in Tulsa. The girls and I will go pick him up and give him big hugs and kisses and I will promise to welcome him home in my own "special" way later. ;)

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