Sunday, August 21, 2005

I have diclosed this blog to a friend of mine. Let's see if she reads it. I still am a little anxious about others reading this. I am confusing a diary with a blog I guess.

My daughters and I made it to church on time today. A major accomplishment in our house. My husband left early. He was tired of listening to three females ages 5-30something try to get ready in one bathroom. Men. They can get ready in 15 minutes and it is just not fair! We have to coordinate clothes, shoes, panty hose, jewelry, make up and hair accessories. (That s just for my 10 and 5 year old!) I am usually the last one ready after having to stop forty-eleven times to help them. I know I know I could get up earlier, but what fun is that?

My house hold has some getting up early issues. None of us likes to do it. I have learned to do it as I have gotten older, but that doesn't mean I like it!!

We had a wonderful service. We shared the Lord's Supper, had a little lesson from the preacher and heard a wonderful message in song from our choir. We were doing what is important. We were in church as a family, teaching our daughters it is not a chore to go. It is a privilege.

The message in song was particularly convicting today. I sat there with tears of shame falling down my face, knowing that I have not had the faith I should as of late. I have not had the committment I once had and certainly have not been the person that I know I should be. I vowed there in my pew today to not let this be the standard in my life. I left with more that I came with today, and that is how it should be.

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