Sunday, August 28, 2005


I am actually a little giddy about seeing Hubby today. I am trying to get ready and found myself primping!!

I suggested to the girls that we get ready early and go to Tulsa and mess around at the mall before we pick Dad up. They were all for that, even with the condition that the living room be cleaned up before we leave. They hate to clean up so they must really want to go.

I have tried really hard to get the house cleaned up, but my time has been interrupted by this or that. Yesterday I babysat Bailey so that took up a lot of time, then we had a birthday party to go to. (Boy was it hot!!!) Oh well you can tell we made an effort. Hope he notices

We slept late today and didn't go to church. Bad I know especially after my entry last Sunday. See what I mean? Lack of committment.

Well I better go get the girls started on getting all their Barbie parephenalia out of the living room.:)

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