Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hump Day

Hump Day today. Boy I am tired. Got interested in "Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood" movie last night at 11pm and stayed up to watch it! I got in bed about 1:30am, and the ceiling fan was making an annoying clicking noise. Couldn't have I turned it on high. Fixed that right up. Got snuggled in one more time and my Dear Hubby (DH) was making an annoying sound. Can't turn him on high to fix him so I just punch him and make him turn over....just long enough for me to fall alseep.

He must have known I punched him because he woke me up poking me, prodding me and pestering me in general. Hmmph. He really is sweet most of the time, but let me just tell you I can't do that to him. He can dish it out but he sure can't take it!! :) haha He hits me back and growls at me in the morning....just like my 10 year old. My five year old wakes up so happy most days. Her eyes open and her mouth starts flapping. She talks/sings/squeals from the time she wakes up til she falls asleep at night, and sometimes at night she even talks in her sleep!

My SIL has asked me to be a co-leader for our daughter's GirlScout troop. I am pretty busy working all I can right now, but I have wanted to help out with the troop, so I said yes. Well it just isn't a matter of helping out. The GS council makes sure that all it's helpers are trained properly. So, there is a training we have to go to one Saturday soon. I will just be a worker-bee so that will be nice. I am a good worker bee. :)

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  1. So, it seems everything is all about you, you, you, you. Your husband is probably a very nice man having to put up with 3, yes 3 women in the house. How many butts, and breastesses can an average man take without going just a little crazy?


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