Sunday, June 21, 2009


This weekend our family traveled to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to watch my brother, Tom marry Therese and begin their new life together. The ceremony was very sweet and they even included Therese's 6 yr old daughter, Therese Yvette in the ceremony. Tom presented her with a beautiful flower pendant and necklace to represent and remind her of his committment to her and her mother.

Eureka Springs is a beautiful old town hardly touched by time. The streets are narrow and perfect for motorcycles to maneuver down, and a little more tricky for passenger vehicles. You can see very quickly that it is a destination for many many motorcycle travelers. We managed to get around after driving around several times to get our bearings. UJ said, "One thing you will never happen here: widening the streets!"

We stayed in The Piedmont House bed and breakfast compliments of Tom and Therese. You can see our room: The Magnolia Room. It was very beautiful and you could just imagine yourself going back in time (except for the cable tv and airconditioner!) It was a very fun experience and we hope to go there again.

Have any of you stayed at B&B's?? What was your experience like?? We had breakfast with everyone in a family style setting and it was very nice. It looked like a lot of work and a lot of fun.

We drove downtown and walked up and down the hills looking in several shops and treating ourselves to some new cook books, some new TEVA flip flops for me. (Thanks for recommending them Susie! I love them!) UJ must have been wearing pheremones or something because several of the shop keepers were very chatty with him and engaged him in looooooong conversations and I just browsed around with a smile on my face. :o)

All in all we had a very nice weekend and a wonderful time together. My parents took our children Saturday night after the wedding so we could have a peaceful night in the B&B. We were very grateful. :o)

If you go to Eureka Springs, be sure and get either a really good map or a GPS because it is very hilly, windy, narrow and confusing....but very beautiful and fun.

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