Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I Betcha: You're Crazy!

Lately I have taken on an annoying habit. When Uncle Joe does something silly or outlandish (which is often) I say, "You're crazy!"

While that in itself is not annoying, the accent I take on is. I say it like Jack Black's character in Nacho Libre.

You can imagine how annoying that is after about 18 times.

He proposed to me, while we sat at the Sunday dinner table that he would pay me $1 per day if I would not say that phrase to him for 1 month.

"Deal!" I said, thinking it was going to be the easiest $30 I had made in a long time.

"But if you mess up even once, you lose it all....." he added.

Thirty minutes later as we cleaned up the kitchen he said something, well, crazy and I slipped.

I didn't even make it one hour.

Oh well.......I'm crazy!! Now I can say it all I want since I already lost for the month. haha Uncle Joe!! I win!!

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  1. Doesn't seem like Uncle Joe made out very well. He should have made you pay HIM something as a penalty.


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