Monday, March 23, 2009

Crazy Doesn't Even Begin to Cover It

Uncle Joe had an idea to go to Frisco, Texas to visit the IKEA store there so we could look around and hopefully purchase some nice barstools he found in a catalog. I was up for a road trip so away we went.

Hotel with indoor pool: check

Truck cleaned and gassed up: check

Google Mapped directions: checkmate

We headed out midmorning Saturday. The trip was estimated to be about 4 hours. It was a long 4 hours with little voices in the back seat singing loudly and asking every 5 miles, "Dad are we in Texas yet?"

Our Googlemap directions were not clear so we made one wrong turn, but eventually got to our hotel. I was embarrassed to admit to UJ that I had no idea what hotel we were staying at. I had looked at several and forgot which one I chose. I did however keep the phone number just in case we needed it. :o) Silly AJ!

We let UJ rest and the girls and I went swimming for a bit in the heated pool. Wow that was nice. If I had ever been a heated pool it has been so long I forgot about it. We splashed around for a while then went back upstairs and got ready and went to IKEA.


There are not words in my vocabulary to express the confusion and near panic this place caused us both to feel. Escalators and elevators going up and down exiting on different sides, people elbow to elbow all over the place and The Joes wandering around looking for the stuff we came to look at.

I looked at Joe and said "This place makes me dizzy." He agreed whole heartedly.

We made our purchases: wine glasses, meat cleaver, apple corer, candles, candle holders, Swedish chocolate, fish roe, pickled fish, crackers and aprons and got outta there!

We had dinner with Sharon, our friend from Texas at TGIFridays and either we were really hungry or the food was exceptional. Joe had a thick cut pork chop that was very tasty and I had a steak sandwich with fried plantains!

Sunday we went on another accidental adventure while searching for World Market. It was recommended by my desk mate from work, Lynn. If I would have had her telephone number I sure would have called her! We got so confused. Apparently "on the corner of 121 and Preston" means the BIG corner....not the small street corners we could see. Apparently everything is big in Texas even the HUGE INTERSTATE that hid World Market from our view. The shops around this intersection were so plentiful that we could have visited one shop per day for one year and not have seen them all. It was huge!

World Market gave us our first large painting purchase. I loved the picture the moment I saw it and so did Joe, so of course we bought it!! I will post photos later. We will be repainting our living room to coordinate with it soon I hope.

Our tummies told us it was lunch time and our baby girl told us it was her turn to buy something so we headed to Stonebriar Mall where we at lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. (my only regret....$$ lunch!)We had our first gourmet appetizer: Ahi Tartare. Mmmmm! Very tasty!! We walked around the mall two times bought a few things and headed out for home.

Four hours later we were pulling into our home sweet home.

Our bed sure did feel good that night. It was a lot of fun crammed into 24 hours!

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