Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year

Last night was JorySan's final night at home. He left with his family and Outlaws early this morning. They should be in Japan late tonight.

Before their departure I got one last dose of lovin' from the children. I arrived at G-moms shortly after the office closed and picked up Maya as soon as I arrived. She was getting a teeny bit fussy so we went to the rocking chair and rocked for a long time.........a very long time. She looked around and smiled at me, pulled my hair, scratched me a while and wallered me while I rocked her for miles. I thought I might give up when she started making I-don't-want-to-go-to-sleep-but-I-am-about-to sounds and the end was in sight. I didn't miss the opportunity to snuggle with her so we went to G-mom's big tall bed and got under the covers and had ourselves a little nappy. It was sweet to wake up and see her little face smiling at me with sleepy eyes.

We all had such a good time with the children. It will be several months before they have a chance to come back. I wonder what they thought of our family of what probaby seemed to them to be GIANTS? :o)

Oh and Happy New Year! Thanks for reading my blog for one more year........

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  1. They actually called me and said they are scared spitless about the bigness. They would like for you to take anti growth hormones and become a bit smaller?


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