Friday, January 02, 2009

The Buttah Post

Aunt Lil got us some sheets for Christmas. White sheets (antibacterial too!)250 thread count.....and they feel like buttah! They remind me of the hotel sheets in Chicago. I could hardly go to sleep last night for rubbing my feet on them while I snuggled in for the night. :o) Ahhhhh

I think I hear them calling me now.......


  1. Our sheets are wonderful too so I know you must be enjoying Aunt Lil's gift!Enjoy!

  2. Aunt Lil did good! I love me some buttah sheets. I'm a sheet snob, too now that I've finally moved out of that cardboard box down by the river.

    We should start a Sheet Club. We could call ourselves Sheet Heads. Oh wait...

  3. I'm really sorry to tell you this, but Aunt Lil is a terrorist and she actually implanted poisons into the sheets, and after you sleep on them you become zombie like and go around shooting people. Please be careful?

  4. How nice.
    I bought my brother some nice, fluffy, fancy, hotel-like towels for Christmas, and after I gave them, I felt like stealing them for myself... but I didn't.
    Enjoy those marvelously comfy sheets!!!


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