Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Day of School and Other Stuff

CarlyJo Eighth Grader Extraordinaire
CassiJo Third Grade Brainiac
A super supper plate!
Uncle Joe made the meat:Marinated Pork Tenderloin with mushrooms, onions and garlic. (marinated in syrup, balsamic vinegar and garlic) I made the Garlic Smashed Potatoes (used Yukon Gold.....try them. They are so yummy!) and Broccoli Salad. We had the B-Salad when we went to OKC to lesliereids house. When I served this to my family on this night they all said, "We liked it better at lesliereid's house." That is funny because *I* made it at lesliereid's house! So the old saying is true? Location! Location! Location! I was the only one who ate much of it. I refused to throw it out, so every night I ate a few bites and ate the last bite yesterday for a snack. It is very tasty! It has broccoli, raisins, sunflower seeds, onions and bacon with a tasty dressing If you are are a broccoli lover this is the salad for you! I'll be posting the recipe on the "Everyday Gourmet" link later.
In other news: I need a day off. Another staff member has given notice and will be leaving the first of September. This was a shock to me and I am very sad as this person is my favorite! She is my 9-5 Mother! She has been with the clinic for 20+years and she will be missed. We have begun training on the front desk receptionist, Jennifer, and that is working out nicely. Jennifer is a friend from our old church in Muskogee, and in a surprise move she and her family joined our local church! I am very excited about getting to know her and her family. (they even have a daughter CassiJo's age....that is extra great!)
In other other news: Uncle Joe reports that he can feel his brain function returning to normal now that the children are back at school during the day. :o)
Something funny: Yesterday I made some homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch. Cassidy didn't want any and was asking to eat a sandwich in the living room. Uncle Joe did not understand that she was eating a sandwich.
"Daddy, can I eat my lunch and watch tv?"
Uncle Joe's reply, "No you can't. You spill things and don't clean it up." (thinking she was going to be eating soup)
"Well I am eating a I gonna spill that??"
Needless to say she didn't get to eat in the living room after that remark.
This is really getting to be a long post. I sure didn't think I had this many words in me today. I have a headache and want to go back to bed. UJ massaged my neck and it feels better, but I still feel some sleepy in me.
I have another "first": I am reading a Larry McMurtrey novel, Dead Man's Walk. I have never read anything by this author and I am pleased to report I am enjoying it. It is the story of the characters of Lonesome Dove, Gus and Call's beginning. This is a recommendation from Uncle Joe. He checked the book out and was about to return it unread when he saw me searching for a new book to read. "Here try this." he I am.
I wonder how much longer I can make this post so it is as annoying as possible?haha!!
We didn't go to church today and it is 11:14am and I am still in my pj's. I should go get dressed. Right after I snooze a little more.
AJ over and outta here......


  1. I am gonna go out on a limb here and say that I probably have forgotten an ingredient in the marinated port I right Joe??

    In any case, they were very yummy and probably my favorite way to eat pork. :o) You can make it again soon. Today will be fine.

  2. it was a glaze that called for maple syrup but I used what we had which was butter pecan.
    I also added a touch of cayenne pepper and dry mustard.

  3. You guys are the cutest. I can't stand it. I want he Prof. and I to be like you guys when it comes to cooking!!! :)

    Your girls look so much like the both of you combined that I almost think that you and UJ are related!!! Do you ever do that? Look at a married couple, see their kids and think they start to look alike to you?


  4. Your kids are so photogenic, and so cute. No, this post was not too long....good variety...cute story about the soup/sandwich...out of the mouths of babes!

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