Monday, June 02, 2008

How Did She Know My Name?

Last night while Joe and I were in the garden spot pulling weeds (me), watering (him) and admiring our tomato plants (us) when I heard the neighbor call my name very loudly.

"SUZY!" she said.....and I turned around thinking to

myself, "Hmmm I didn't even know they knew my name! How did they know my name?"

"SUZY! SHUT UP!!" Now I was really mad. I wasn't

doing anything and this woman is yelling at me to shut up!!

As I turned around, looked at Joe, then back to the neighbors yard and then realized.....she was talking to her dog.

Joe yelled at her and said, "Hey what is your dog's name??"

"Suzy" she replied.

I stood there and pointed to myself, "Me too."

She was horrified and Joe almost fell down laughing, and he yelled back at her, "You can scream that again any time I don't mind. "


  1. so now you know my real name. do i look like a suzy or an AJ?

  2. LOL! I think you'll always be AJ or Aunt Jo to me, but you look like a Suzy too.

  3. She knows because she's heard me yell that at you.

  4. Hi Aunt Jo, as you may know I've been home computer-less for a couple of weeks..and therefore falling behind on visiting all the blogs I love to I am catching up on yours.....

    This post is funny! Wow, that would freak me out if one of my neighbors had a dog with my name!


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