Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Does It Count?

My children have started playing a game while we are driving. I don't know of a name (I guess I could make one up) for the game, but when you see a certain type, color or style of car you yell out a buzz word.(sometimes it is annoying when you are trying to concentrate on traffic though) For example:

KA-CHING! for a yellow or gold car of any type

SMOKEY! for a police car

BEETLE BOP! for a Volkswagen

CRUISER BRUISER! for a PT Cruiser.

ETC.......so on a so forth

Here is my question: When I am by myself and yell out those words do I still get the points?? :o) Now they are playing that game I see yellow vehicles everywhere and yell out KAAAAA-CHING!!!! Does it count??


  1. That game is"driving" me crazy.

  2. As a child would see it? or a psychologist would see it?

  3. Joe: but you look for yellow cars don't you??

    Bee: Hmmm both?

  4. Of course you still get points, silly. ;-)

  5. It adds to your "CRAZY" points.

  6. Whatever keeps the kids amused is okay....I rarely see yellow cars; they are 'rare as hen's teeth' so the saying goes. Same with PT cruisers, they are not too popular in my town....


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