Monday, June 30, 2008

Birthday Foot Rubs and Friends

Saturday we got invited to travel to Aunt Lil's house to use her pool for a birthday party for my niece, Allison. We jumped at the chance to swim so off we went. Over the river and through the rain....

Don't they look like t-r-o-u-b-l-e??
Cassi and Allison

Carly decided to take a snooze during Cake-time. She covers her mouth just like Uncle Joe when he sleeps! Funny! She is still my baby.

Alli's favorite gift: A free foot massage from Uncle Joe!!
After the party we went to visit some friends we haven't seen in a long time: Matt and Tamara. We got to know them attending the same church when our daughters were little bitty girls. Tamara and I taught childrens church for years and became very close. It has been 5 years since they moved away and I miss them terribly. Now that we know where they are we will go and visit again soon. We got there about 4pm-ish and didn't leave til 11:30pm ! We sat around and talked, laughed, cried and listened to the children play. They have 4 children now: Zana 14, Hannah 11, Trent 8 and Abigail 5. They love kids! We stayed for hamburgers and had a very nice visit.
Sunday was also a nice day. I took Uncle Joe to Tedly's house to listen to some music then we went to Rib Crib for a quick and quiet bite to eat before heading to Walmart. Yes people, my husband went to Walmart with me. I can count the times on my fingers and toes that he has gone to Walmart with me since we have been married. (15 years 8-14-08!) We had a list and pretty much stuck to it unless there was something we just had to have like a new phone and some shorts for vacation.....yout get the picture. :o)
My boat was floating
My tanks are full and I am over flowing.
A weekend filled with fun and family, who could ask for anything more??


  1. The kids look so radiantly one could ask (or hope) for anything more. Weekends are for the three f's: friends, family, fun. Oh and the fourth f: food! And one "n"...for Naps.

    (and that is Lavinia's two cents worth).

  2. That last photo is really good.
    Your smile looks amazing!!!!!

    I'm glad a fun time was had.

    Happy July 4th weekend!!!!!

  3. the people who cover their mouths are the smart ones, I bet they've never had a spider etc crawl in during the night


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