Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who's It Gonna Be??

David I or David II?
Elder David or Young David?
Rocker David or Ballad David?
What a decision!! I think the phone lines must have been jammed all evening with teens across the U.S. speed dialing and texting American Idol phone lines.
Stay tuned........


  1. I hope Cook wins, only because Archuleta won't then be bound by an American Idol contract and obligations. I believe Archuleta will go far (he's my favorite).

  2. I only watched the beginning of this season, but I think Young David is the more talented of the two, singing-wise, but Elder David has more rockstar presence. Young David is still SO young, but Bee's right. He'll go far.

  3. They're both MOLTEN HOT!!!!!!!

    I like Cook best but Archuleta will win.

  4. I was WRONG!!!!!!!!!

    They're both winners!

  5. which one is which????

    (oh, and don't tell me the David on the right is wearing the new season's fashion over there)

  6. I thought maybe Cook got more votes because Simon was mean to him that last night.


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