Friday, May 23, 2008

It's a sign

On a sign we saw tonight:


our punishment for enjoying sex

I love you more today than yesterday

'cause yesterday you really hacked me off


We are also happy to report that both of the children have been promoted to the next grade. (8th and 3rd) *Whew!*

Now, let the mean FUN begin!! Uncle Joe will be in charge of entertaining the girlies this summer while I am at work. CassiJo has been enrolled in Summer School where she will swim, play on computer, do arts and crafts and one academic subject every day for 4 weeks. She will also attend GirlScout Day Camp with Aunt AndiJo and AlliJo for one week. That should be major fun in the sun. We hope to keep her occupied much of the summer as CarlyJo will be busy with shaking her money maker.....a lawnmower.

She and my father will have a joint venture of mowing several yards this summer. She is really a good little mower I hear, and he doesn't brag much.

That should give her all the money she could possibly need to buy this or that. It is funny, now that she has her own money, it isn't quite so easy to part with it as easily as she is able to part with OURS. She hopes to save up and buy a new ipod and/or a digital camera of her very own. She feels good about earning the money and I sure do appreciate my dad for giving her the opportunity to do it. He and my mom do a lot for our kids and it sure is a blessing to us.


In other news, Uncle Joe is preparing for his 30th High School Reunion. I am very excited to FINALLY see some of the people I have heard stories about over the last 16 years. This should be very interesting. He would not go to the 20th reunion(and I didn't know him at his 10th) and decided this year that he would relent and go. He is also on the agenda for entertainment. He and a fellow band member will be singing some old tunes like It's Only aPapermoon, Orange Colored Sky, My Funny Valentine and The Summerwind. I got to hear a sneak peak when the singer, Kerry, came over this week for a practice. She has a beautiful voice and I think it will be a lovely change from the usual songs you might hear at a HS reunion. (I think they should let CassiJo sing!)

It will be funny to see friends his age that are grand parents. He was a late blooming father since he was 34 when CarlyJo was born and turned 40 shortly after CassiJo was born. He has such a baby face and he doesn't look (or act) his age. People are surprised when I tell him how old he really is. Maybe having a young wife and young girls keeps him young.....insane for sure. :o) haha


  1. And a special thank you shout-out to Uncle Joe for correcting my post. I left it up in "draft form" and ran an errand. When I came back it was all corrected with proper song titles, and not what I named them. haha!!

  2. Sounds like a good summer plan to me.

  3. Let the summer begin!

    I hope Cassi has fun with all her activities.
    Way to go, Carly!!! It's great to have some money of your own.

    I'm sure UJ's take on his reunion will be a great post.
    I can't wait to read all about it. You guys will have lots of fun, I'm sure.

  4. Well then, ok. Sounds like the reunion should be a lot of fun. Are you going to video the song performance?

  5. Jenn: would you like to come and have a Doodle Camp??

    JD: I had to give CassiJo a little incentive not to whine and cry every day of SummerSchool, but it will be a treat for both of us so it's all good. The reunion will be lots of fun for me as a spectator I am sure. They have been going crazy (and I mean CRAZY) on the message boards.

    Doozie: I must acquire a video camera post haste. :o)

  6. I can't wait to meet you at the reunion. And I will NOT be one of the crazy people!

  7. my face has moved from 'baby' category to 'just fat'.


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