Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Letter from CarlyJo

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am leaving forever. Megan and I are creating a band so we can meet our one true loves. I took dad's cell, but don't bother calling. the flight we're going to take doesn't allow cellular devices, so please pray that all goes well.

*heart* your eldest daughter and her friend,

CarlyJo and Megan


their one true loves are The Jonas Brothers and their plan is to make a band so they can get to know them and marry them. Good plan huh?

We will be going to see the JB in July. I think we are down to about 68 days or so. woohooo!!


  1. I thought the Jonas Brothers were their 3 true loves.

  2. I wanted to marry Leif Garrett.

  3. you heard from them since they left???

    i am not familiar with the jonas bros, but are they as cool as 'kid rock'?

  4. UJ: They are brothers so I guess they count as one. :o) haha

    Anne: I had posters of him on my wall as a teen!

    PT: The Jonas Brothers are 21 19 and 16 ish. Are you meaning Kid Rock?? He is way more hard rock than these guys. Think more of teen idol.

  5. I wanted to marry Shirley Jones when I was a kid......umm, I mean Susan Dey.

  6. It's WAY too soon for them to be finding their one true loves. There's so much fun to be had going through all those not-so-true loves.
    That concert will be Soooo fun!!

  7. Never heard of the Jonas Brothers. Are they any good?

  8. i get troy from hsm

  9. So.... one down and one to go?

    p.s. It gets much worse at age 15.

  10. Mom.
    Kevin is not 21 yet.
    Joe isn't 19.
    Nick is still 15.


  11. Carly: thanks for setting me straight. what is their blood types again??


    PT: now you are close!

    JD: I am hoping for lots of fun with my girlie girls. We haven't decided if UJ will come with us or not. We may need a driver though....and he is kinda cute.

    UJ: Poor thing... you had to settle for a "suzanne". :o)


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