Saturday, May 10, 2008

Don't Be Jealous

We are going to see Iron Man today. :o) We love comic book Super Hero movies!

We will have a full review when we get back!

PM update: Fabulous! Hot! Great movie! RDJ has done some of his best work as Tony Stark/Ironman and Gwenyth is a lovely Pepper Potts . We took CassiJo and had to hide her eyes a few times...good thing she sat by UJ who has Bat-reflexes and could hide her peepers in a flash.

If you go stay for ALL the credits for a nice little surprise.

We had a fun day and are now settling in for a post-movie/shopping rest.

Mothers Day shopping (check)

Ingredients for the bestest fluffiest yellow cake ever (check)

Ingredients for the bestest chocolate icing (check)

Cool black mixer (check)

Hot hubby to cook with (check)

Beater-lickers (check)

OK now I better get to work on that cake.


  1. My son saw it and loved it.
    My bestest friend and her hubby saw it and loved it.
    I want to see it too, also, in addition, as well.

    I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.
    You are a loving and very special lady.
    Your kids and hubby are blessed to have YOU in their lives.

  2. I saw the RDJ interview on Leno the other night and was wondering whether it'd be all right to take my 6-year old. I adore him (RDJ) well as my 6-yr old. ;)

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

  3. JD: Thank you very much. You are very kind to say that! (and might I add: ditto!)

    Scarlet: The movie is pretty fast paced and would be hard for a 6 yr old to follow. It took a while for IronMan to actually develop and there were several good action scenes, but more dialogue. I was surprised that my 8 yr old kept quiet!

  4. Don't be jealous because I can grow a mustache in just two days


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