Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ten Gallons of Fun

Today, a gentleman came into the medical clinic where I work. I work the front desk and had my head down filling out some paperwork when he arrived, just after I got back from lunch.
"How can I help you?" I asked without immediately looking up.
I looked up to see a real live cowboy wearing a black 10 gallon hat, a foo manchu moustache and small round glasses.
For a split second I thought he might be a joke, but soon realized he was the real deal. He looked like he had just finished filming a western movie and stopped by for an exam. He was very nice as you would expect a real live cowboy to be.
I had to get a copy of his drivers license for his chart and I wasn't surprised to see what was under his 10 gallon hat .......a 10 gallon head.
I maintained composure and did not make one comment about his hat. It took a great amount of self control, but I did it.
He made my day. :o)


  1. You need to come sing karaoke with me. You would no longer be surprised by such. ;-)

  2. Oh, you haven't heard, I sing through my nose.

  3. She would be great at Bluegrass karoake. Otherwise she should leave it alone.

  4. Why don't I see guys like this in Miami? We need more cowboys!

    Great story, btw!

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  6. Well, Little Darlin', I'm glad he could brighten your day.

    Howdy from Savannah, GA.

  7. what is a 10 gallon head???

  8. BFKAS: He was the real deal and would have stuck out like a sore thumb in Miami!

    Jamie Dawn: I would have cracked up if had called me Little Darlin! (that is what my dad calls me!)

    Ponder: a 10 gallon head is what is under a 10 gallon hat. his head was long and tall and his hair looked a bit pointy...bad case of hat hair.


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