Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday Schmonday

Go to this blog. It will blow you away to see the writings of this husband and new father facing the illness of his wife and his premature daughter. Go take a look and take tissues! I was blown away by all the comments and emails he said he has gotten. God is good and the world wide web makes our world seem so much smaller doesn't it? Please remember him and his family in your prayers.

Yesterday Uncle Joe got to put all his CSI skills to work. We were sitting in the swing out back after working on the back yard laughing that ShelbyJo (the dog) found the Bubble Yum bubble gum I had thrown in the yard and was chewing it. In a few minutes we saw her gag up and well, being the investigator he is, UJ wanted to know what exactly made his baby-girl-dog get sick. I'll just leave it at that because I just will. I thought my stomach was a little tougher than that, but apparently not. I am a vomit weinie!

I have some lovely tulips to plant in the side yard flower bed and I am excited to go get more. I love tulips. They are so pretty and cheerful. I also have some violets and I need a safe haven for them to grow. We have a neighborhood full of cats who apparently were taught that a flowerbed=litterbox.

I had a great and busy weekend. I worked some, relaxed some, shopped a bit, picnic'd with the family, mowed the yard, tackled the laundry monster in the laundry room, and had a nice visit with my Mom (Mum: for Ponder)

We are planning our trip to Denton, Texas for the Denton Jazz Festival in a couple of weeks. I am looking forward to that in the biggest way! I love getting away from town for a while and being in a place full of my favorite things: sun, music, crafts, food, books and Uncle Joe. It will be a great 48 hours! Who wants to come??

Pictures of our weekend will follow.....I just gotta get them downloaded.


  1. I tried to get the CSI lover in my house to come over and investigate a REAL mystery.
    Doggie throw-up.

    She wanted no part of it.

    Later I found spit on the driveway and I'm convinced it's from AJ.
    Grissom out.

  2. the above comment was from Uncle Joe.

  3. i'm up for the jazz festival, but based on many years of trauma, i have officially banned wife from taking me to craft markets

  4. Grissom: somehow, actually seeing the specimen exit its host kinda freaked me out. Sorry. I do still like your show though.

    Ponder: the wonderful thing about this festival is that we park our fannies (in the same spot we have had for 4 years) and I walk around alone if I want to. We have friends that meet us there and if the wife wants to we do it all again. it is really a nice festival and the music is just fantastic! the arts range from high end jewelry to toilet paper tube flower vases and everything in between. personally i love the jewelry! i got a great turquoise necklace there a couple of years ago and it is my fave.


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