Monday, April 28, 2008

The One With Food

Here is Uncle Joe and Terry enjoying some music and a funnel cake.

Sharon and I shared this one. :o)

Sharon with a mouth full of funnel cake

This was the first time Terry and Sharon had Thai food. Denton has a wonderful Thai restaurant we go to every time we are there. The owner remembered us from our other visits and was glad to see us back...and with more customers! I am happy to report that the picky eater of our group, Sharon, loved the Chicken Pad Thai she ordered. (There was a small pile of veggies on the edge of her plate, but hey....she at least TRIED the dish!) Terry had a ball with his bottle of Thai lager, Singha.


  1. You can't tell from the photo but Terry and I weighed in high school, 135 and 140 respectively.

  2. More food??!!!

    Oh yeah!!
    Me loves FOOOOD!!!!

  3. wow, you guys must really make an impression on the owner to be remembered after a year. Why is that? Do you ask if they have any of them there french fried taters?


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