Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Endings

Our dessert at the Thai restaurant was coconut ice cream with warm chocolate cake. It was like a fancy Mounds bar.

Here is everyone ('cept me I am behind the camera duh.) after lunch/breakfast at you guessed it: Cracker Barrel! You just can't go wrong there and Terry, Sharon and I had a hankerin' for breakfast while UJ was more in tune with the time of day. 1pm ...he had lunch and we had breakfast. :o)

Terry and Sharon caravanned with us home and helped us work in our yard ALL day today. Pictures will follow when we have it all cleaned up. I don't know how we would have gotten it all done if they hadn't helped. Terry cut down trees, Sharon trimmed bushes and UJ and I hauled tree limbs to his truck til I thought we might fall out. We made three trips to the recycle pit and still have a truck load of railroad ties to haul out next. Our garden spot will be nice and cleaned up lickety split.
I am not glad about returning to work tomorrow but this has been a super fun weekend. UJ and I needed the time away from home, had fun with friends, ate some great food and got to spend some great quality time together.
We all look forward to this time every year.....can't you see why?
Thank you Terry and Sharon (or SHAIRN! as Terry says.)for your hospitality, generosity and most of all for your companionship. You are cherished here in the House of Joe. :o)


  1. Thanks for sharing your pics! That funnel cake looks good. Makin' me hungry!

  2. UP here in Canada, "Cracker Barrel" is the brand name of a cheese. IS it a chain of restaurants down there, or just one well-named restaurant?


    p.s. that dessert in the first picture looks quite yummy...I'll have one helping please!

  3. We're BIG fans of Thai food too!

  4. Forgot to say: sounds like Operation Dessert Storm to me!

  5. all that food......

    no wonder they have rocking chairs on the porch....i think i would need to rock back and forth a few times to get out of a chair after such a feast.

    did you buy an jazz cd's??

  6. That dessert looks YUMMY!!!!!!


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