Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not Again!

MUSKOGEE, Okla. (AP) - The U.S. 62 bridge over the Arkansas River at Muskogee has reopened after being hit by at least 2 of 7 barges that broke free from the Port of Muskogee.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation closed the bridge about 8:45 last night for inspections. All lanes were reopened about 4:30 this morning.
Muskogee County Sheriff Charles Pearson says no injuries are reported and there appears to be no damage to the bridge. He says it's not known how the barges got loose. They are being collected by towboats.

Muskogee Police Captain Stephanie Schledorn says officers arrived before the barges got to the bridge and stopped traffic "because everybody remembers Webbers Falls."

Fourteen people died May 26th, 2002, when their cars plunged into the Arkansas River after barges pushed by a towboat crashed into the Interstate 40 bridge at Webbers Falls.

Here is another link: Bridge Story

We are very thankful no one was hurt, and the bridge was reopened. It is one of three routes to Muskogee for us. One of the other routes takes us across Fort Gibson Dam and through a tiny town called Okay. The roads are windy and the speed limit is certainly not 65 mph like we are used to but we would get there. (and not too many extra miles)


  1. Is the 3rd route through China?

  2. i've always had a fascination of things nautical, and of bridges, so something like this really interests me.'s amazing the things we never hear about over hear....

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  4. UJ, well no. It's through Braggs/Gore

    GM: That would not have been fun

    PT: I will keep you informed of all things naughty here. Lets start with UJ he is very naughty because he hogs the remote.

  5. UJ: well it just seems like another country.

  6. I know someone who got pulled over for speeding in China.

  7. Hi Aunty Jo!

    My first visit to your blog, which I found via "Batman"---your husband? I hope you are careful on those bridges, do you ever feel nervous as you approach them? I have to cross two bridges every day, to get to work. Both of them over shallow rivers; one more shallow than the other. I don't ever give it a thought...feeling secure that the ground beneath me is as solid as the rock of Gibraltar...gulp! one hopes! but now perhaps one really does wonder....

    Glad I found these blogs and your crowd seems like a fun bunch. I'll be back!

    Lavinia Ladyslipper

  8. Well, I'm glad the bridge is open, the last couple of times I went through there it was a big ol' mess!

  9. I'm a journalist by profession and we worked through editions in three separate states with bgreaking news of this bridge collapse, months ago.

    It was a spine-chilling event.


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