Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Easter Babies

No matter how big she gets she will always be my baby! (She would not cooperate so this is the best picture I got of her.) I loved the outfit and Lord knows we had enough grief and stress picking it out. She FINALLY listened to me and tried something different than she would normally chose and it looked SO cute on her! Blue is definitely her color :o)
This is what the girls did while had a post-lunch nap. Cute huh??
Here is a sweetie pie girl with all her new brothers and sisters.


  1. Oh my goodness! I didn't realize she was such a young lady and not a little bitty girl. She's a beautiful young lady at that!

  2. Oh and an adorable sweetie pie too! Cute eggs!

  3. Hey, those egg guys were hiding out in my fridge... I wondered where they went. Check it out at my blog.

  4. hi jo, hope you and your crew had a good easter.
    we went away for 5 days and had a hoot.

    what's this business about a post lunch do i organise one of them??

  5. I can't believe how gown up they're both getting!!!

  6. Your girls are lovely! They look lovely in person too, as I can say, since I've seen them with my own two eyeballs.

    You can make egg salad sandwiches out of their new siblings.

  7. Groovy: Do they ever stop being your babies?

    Seeker: Yep we eggnapped them and gave them a colory bath. They turned out cute I must say.

    Ponder: Where are the pictures? I children as excuses when they were babies and needed naps and I took one too. I usually don't get one now. This was a rare thing.

    Leslee: You have to look up to Carly now. Hahah!!

    Jamie: Your eyeballs have seen them and your earbuds have heard them too. :o) I am not sure I can eat an egg with a face.

  8. gawh i look like a freakin hippo....... sorry mom.

  9. I hope she didn't eat her brothers and sisters


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