Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Covert Photos Part II, Peanut's Bday Cake and Neon Vomit

CassiJo enjoys a piece of birthday cake at Peanut's Party
Wow! CarlyJo really looks tan in the black lights!
Covert preggers photo of Leslee :o)
Cassi getting ready to skate to Another One Bites the Dust.
Peanut, Leslee's daughter, turning 8 yrs old right before your eyes.

Below, neon vomit.

As you can see, Carly has gotten taller, Leslee smaller ('cept for her tummy) Peanut is a peanut and Cassi is pouting. Me? I am just fluffy! We had a good time visiting with Leslee, Peanut and her family. (Leslee looks just like her mom!) Leslee's brother got a work out walking around the rink with his son who was learning to skate and wouldn't lift his feet. I think he walked around the rink about 800 times. Cassi got out there and had a great time. She skated her little heart out. When we walked in she said," MOM where are the rails?" She didn't even realize she didn't need them til she got out there. They played a game called "Dead Bug" and we finished the afternoon off with The Hokey Pokey. A fun day with Bloggie Friends I must say......maybe next time you can come!


  1. Oh man! That first pic of me...

    We had such a good time (my momma said you were so nice!)

  2. i'm up for a roller skating birthday party, - do you think 41 is too old for it?? ....i imagine i would be rather graceful zipping around that rink. the girls (young and not so young) would be impressed.

    what is dead bug??

  3. Dead Bug is a wonderfully funny game, mostly to watch. It's kinda like freeze dance, the music plays and they skate around. Then the announcer calls out that he sees a dead bug and all the skaters fall to the floor and pretend they're dead. It's really funny when the "dead bugs" are on their back, hands and feet in the air shaking like they've been poisoned. Fun stuff, let me tell ya!

  4. And quiet. We are going to be playing Dead Bug a lot at my house. There is rarely a quiet moment thanks to a Future American Idol in the house.

  5. Looks like such fun! You all look great! My daughter has the same outfit that Peanut is wearing. :-)

  6. i get it.

    my kids play 'dead bug' everytime i try and get them to clean their rooms.

  7. Looks like a day of fun. I remember "Another One Bites the Dust" from when I went skating...YEARS AGO! :)

  8. Hi, I came here from First Hundred... (Karen).

    I noticed that Kansas license plate in your sidebar, followed the link and uploaded an image of my own. (Baseball) Oh, and I live in KS, too.

    Thank you very much.

  9. Oklahoma license plate. Sorry.

  10. Do they provide walkers that work out on the rink floor for those of us who are elderly?

  11. What fun!!!!
    I haven't roller skated in SO long.
    I'd probably spend most of the time on my bohunkus.
    You all look like it was a blast.

  12. But did you do the hokey pokey and the chicken dance?

    I used to teach roller skating. :)

    LONG ago...

    I'm cracking up at the bottom picture (although, everyone looks so cute!) it looks like CassiJo does not want to leave....

  13. i can't blog at work, what's your excuse???


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