Monday, February 18, 2008

Stay Calm....On Second Thought...PANIC!!

Today when I arrived at work to man the check out desk at the clinic, the phone was ringing off the wall. All lines lit up and Beverly and I were frantically answering calls, scheduling appointments and placing sick callers on hold while Karen checked people in.

Then........three of the five nurses on staff came to the front desk and interrupted me on the phone to tell me they have they flu. They were promptly sent home and we were left to deal with the day.

I am proud to report that we made it through the day, thanks to creative management, good attitudes, one x-ray tech/lab tech/fill-in nurse and a firm answer of "NO" to the hundreds, ney thousands of phone-calls we received.

It seems our area has been hit with a killer respiratory virus AND a horrendous pukey/dookie virus that has been terribly hard for our patients to shake. Our office is full of feverish, snotting, coughing, pooping and puking people all day every day. I have bought stock in Lysol, and expect to be a millionaire or at least a hundredaire by the end of the week.

This is a real live picture of the pukey/dookie virus that is plaguing our peeps. Pretty u-g-l-y huh??


  1. We've got a lot of that going around here too, but I haven't been quick or clever enough to catch a picture. Good work!

    Make sure to take care of yourself the virus doesn't catch you.

  2. i'm up past my bedtime.
    where did you get the pic of nana and papa?

  3. wow, you are a trooper! those nurses sound soft to me.

    today at work, i had two of our blokes come up to me, all sniffly and full of the flu, and ask if they could go home. i said, ' get back to work, NOW!'.

  4. How could ugly germs be so cute??

    The flu has hit AR too. I don't know if it's the same pukey dookey one near you, but it's hitonious.
    Our family has thus far been spared.
    May yours also be spared.
    Amen and Amen.

  5. That first image is pretty cool.

  6. I hope you don't get sick!!

    I thought these germs were kinda cute.

  7. Go buy you some Olive Leaf drops - it is known to kill viruses. I give it to my kids - about twenty drops in a medicine cup with juice.

  8. I never get sick and my son and I got the flu a couple of weeks ago. No fun! The bug looked like the green ones pictured at the end of this post. Cute, but nasty!

  9. We've been seeing flu (type A) in people who've been vaccinated this season. It's a resistant strain. Type A is the respiratory kind. Type B is the pukey/dookie green guys. You can keep them down south. We'll deal with the other dudes.... PLUS, you should see all the pneumonia going on!!

  10. this one time I actually pooped myself

  11. let's update this germ infested bloggie.


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