Sunday, February 24, 2008


No, I am not talking about the character from Gilligan's Island.

I am talking about the spice.
I am trying a new recipe today for Ginger Chicken. It is from Rachel Ray, or Wachel Way, as Cassi used to say. I had to modify it just a bit since I couldn't find sesame oil at the local grocery store. I can't imagine why our little town wouldn't have more use for sesame oil!

I don't know how this will turn out. I am sure that UJ will be able to doctor it up if need be. I'll let you know how it turns out. :o)
Update: the dish was not very good. edible but not something I would do again, or if i did i would use exactly what is called for in the recipe. i had to use ginger juice instead of minced ginger and it made it too watery and the flavors drained off. that and UJ wouldn't even eat it. i ate it alone......


In other news, Carly will be leaving for the Jonas Brothers concert on Thursday. I know she is looking forward to seeing them. I hope they have binoculars so she can see them up close.
My pastor Danny, his wife,Teresa and several congregation members are in Israel right now. I would love to see that area of the world someday, but I doubt it will ever happen. I will have to see it via Google Earth. haha. I am sure they will all be fired up when they get back. I am looking forward to pictures and stories. There is never a dull moment when Teresa is around anyway so for her to be coming back from such an awesome trip is very exciting.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled and less boring blogging. ;o)


  1. UJ must not have been very hungry... next time starve him for a couple of days, then try your new recipe. Works every time.

  2. At first the Ginger Chicken sounded yummy, then when you described how it turned it, out seemed less appealing. Ho hum... We women can't ALWAYS hit a home runs with EVERY meal we make. It's good to try new recipes, even if some are stinkers.

    I hope Carly has FUN at the concert!!!!!!

    Israel. I have no desire to go there. I'd love to walk on the soil were Jesus walked, but I've never really been eager to travel to the Middle East.
    I'm sure your pastor and wife and those who went will have some great photos and stories to share!

  3. Carly can borrow our binoculars if she wants to stop by here and pick them up.


  4. Carly can borrow our binoculars if she wants to stop by here and pick them up.


  5. I bet it was the lack of sesame oil that spoiled your dish. You can blame the grocery store for that!

    Israel would be a really awesome place to visit. It's just google earth for me too, though.

  6. I wish you were talking about Ginger from Gilligan's Island.

  7. hi jo
    my wife went through a ginger phase about a year and a half ago. every freakin thing had to be ginger because it is SO good for you.....we had ginger sandwiches, ginger on toast, ginger on icecream, ginger stirfry, ginger milkshakes. you name it we had a ginger version of it. (she even tried to get me on to ginger beer).

    Unlike UJ i lacked the courage not to eat what she prepared....but i eventually got smart....

    i told her that all this ginger was boosting my sex drive.....

    we haven't had ginger since!.


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