Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Hands I Miss

This photo came in an email from a friend and reminds me of when my Nan passed away in Oct 2005. I was on my way home from the hospital when I got the call that she was fading fast and I had better hurry back. I rushed home to get my family and let Uncle Joe drive me back to say good-bye.

I remember listening to Casting Crowns, Praise you in this Storm and Lifesong up there. I cannot hear those songs today and not think of Nan.

We arrived and when the elevator door opened my dad was there to receive me and give me the news. We were too late. I of couse wanted to see her....and very specifically her hands.

I loved her hands.

They were very gentle and soft. I saw those hands many times play praises at church, make my favorite cookies, try to teach me crochet,and dig in the soil to make a fabulous flower and vegetable garden. (those efforts are still evident in the yard now!)

Those sweet hands made thousands of the most delicious meals for our family and taught me to make chicken and dumplins, our family favorite. (I don't make them as tasty as her, but at least I tried!)

I know thost hands spend thousands of hours folded in prayer interceding for me and my family. I think that is what I remember most. She took us to Sunday School , just around the corner from her house when we were little children. We sat on the "Amen Row" until it was time to go to class. Used to peek at her during prayer and see hands folded at her mouth praying earnestly. She was never distracted and I know that she reached Heaven.

Another thing that is very prominent in my mind is the sweet wedding band that she wore. It was a thin gold band with apple blossoms on it. She had worn it so long that most of the blossoms were worn away. That meant something to me.

I have two precious pictures of my babies grasping her fingers. Fingers that would play with them in the floor just like another little child. She adored all her great grand children. I am so glad they got to know her and will have memories of her.

The hands of a woman are special. I look at my hands and wonder what is in store for them? Hopefully a long full life of them giving loving touches, exacting correction when necessary, making the best oaties ever, tickle scratches, foot rubs, work and lots of hours folded in prayer....and....maybe someday I will look down and see old wrinkled hands and smile.


  1. What a lovely tribute you've written to your Nan. She sounds like a beautiful woman.

  2. hi jo, sorry i took so long to leave a comment.

    that's a really sweet post. i also have very fond memories of my grandparents (mum's side - who are both now dead). i guess thats why i make sure that my parents have lots to do with my kids.

  3. she was no doubt a special lady. I'm really sorry our kids are tearing her house up.

    I blogged about her in my oct/2005 archves if anyone want to venture over thar.
    don't know how to link here...

  4. Awww, AJ, this is wonderful.
    Your Nan and her hands sound so sweet and kind.
    I'm sure you really miss her.


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