Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kelloggs Snow

Today after a nice lunch at a tea room with my boss, we went outside and it was snowing white cornflakes! The snow was beautiful.....ginormous flakes. There was a nice accumulation by the time I got off work, but they will be gone tomorrow. The temp is supposed to be in the 40's. The kids are sad about that.

Why does it get so quiet when it snows? Have you noticed that?


  1. We had some snow earlier in the week, but it melted right away. I don't like the snow. The kids feel compelled to go play in it, then I have to figure out how to warm them up fast when they come in and leave a soggy mess all over the house. Bah-humbug.

  2. i know you mentioned something in there about snow and cornflakes,
    .... but what's this business about a NICE lunch with the boss at a tea room.

    does the 'other' boss know about this???

  3. g-mom, yes we had this same situation come up last night. Cassijo and her friend Mollyjo wanted to go out....without gloves at 7pm. we let them out for a few minutes, and had to drag them inside.

    Oz: you know i don't know if the other boss knows, but if she did, she wouldn't care....i hope.


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