Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mother of the Year Award & Not So Snow Day

Mother of the Year Award goes to Aunt Josefina of Oklahoma!!

Tuesday morning I knew it was going to be cold here in Oklahoma and possibly a sprinkling of snow overnight. I peeked outside first thing to assess the situation. I saw ice droplets on my windshield but no snow on the ground. "OK I thought, nothing to worry about. I'll just warm the car up longer, bundle Carly up and maybe drop her off at the front door. " Off we went, having no problems other than on the front porch which always has a small patch of ice in winter because it gets no direct sunlight. No biggie. On our journey to educationland we pass the two boys I have lovingly named Pocket Boy and Tall Guy. (Pocket Boy never wears a jacket or coat and walks with his hands stuffed in his jeans pockets...and Tall Guy, well that is self explanatory) PB and TG were walking toward home not school. "Hmmm I wonder what those boys are doing, did they forget something?....Haha or their is no school and we don't know....surely not. Wait...there is very little traffic today come to think of it.....OMG there is no one at the school! THERE IS NO SCHOOL TODAY! I am the worst mother! Why isn't there school today? There is no snow and only a little smidgen of ice! What weinies! Great now I am going to be late for work. What are the girls going to do all day? I wonder how loud Uncle Joe will cry when he realizes he has to stay home with the girls another day? I have gotta get a tv in my room to keep up with these things."

So I turned around and took Carly home to her Daddy and sister who were up enjoying a spot of breakfast. They had no clue either. Thank goodness they went to Nana and Papa's later to break up the monotony of being home all day on a Not So Snow Day.
The next day Cassidy called me as I was driving to work. She was upset because there was actually going to be school on Wednesday. She said, "But we PRAYED Mom! We prayed for no school and last year it worked!"

Oh, the joys of parenthood and winter weather in Oklahoma.


  1. Hey, at least you didn't drop her off at school and head to work. My dad did that to me once on a not snow day. It was in Nebraska, and there was ice all over the roads. Of course, I was in jr. high, so it wasn't a big deal. I just walked home. No school, so I was happy.

  2. it freaks me out that school's over there close because of snow. it makes sense, but it's just something that is never on the thought radar here.
    ...can you get a day off work too??

  3. G-Mom, yea, Carly could have walked home if I had dropped her off. We don't live far away, maybe 3 blocks, but they are very long, and awkwardly shaped blocks to it may be half a mile. It would have been freezy, but like you said, NO SCHOOL! (AND you know what? I walked the same distance every day so she can too!)

    PT: Snow Day from work? Yea Right. Well I do have a little bit of a chance....I do have to cross the Arkansas River Bridge, so if is is really slick I wouldn't go. My father has taught me well though, if at all possible, I try to make it to work, no matter what. He would even offer to take me if need be. :o) So your kids never get a surprise day off from school ....down unda!

  4. hehe, we get ½ an inch and everything shuts down. You know how treacherous that can be.

  5. Nope, - but a lot of people who work outdoors can knock off if the temp gets over 35C in summer, - which is pretty often.

  6. Mom, that was ME who said that. NOT Cassi. I HATE IT WHEN YOU DO THAT!

  7. Yes, sometimes I wonder why they cancel school instead of just starting an hour later sometimes... weird school board people!


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