Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Glory Bee!!

Saturday afternoon, I decided to go to Tulsa. Why you ask?? I wanted to get a new digi camera at BestBuyorCircuitCityorSamsWholesaleClub.

UJ didn't sleep well...er rather he slept too well and way too late so he felt bad. There is something terribly wrong with that. When you sleep late you should feel GOOD, not bad! I hate it when that happens. Needless to say he was not his normal cheery self. (*snicker*)

I pulled out all the stops to convince him to go shopping with us. I whined, I cried, I showed leg, cleavage and the man must be made of steel because he turned down a 2 hour drive with 3 females to go shopping. Can you believe the self control this man must have?? This adventure even included a late lunch! Oh well, his loss. haha

We arrived in Tulsa famished from they days activities at home so we went to IHOP. Not my favorite, but the girls picked it. It was their turn to pick so I couldn't say anything except, "Check please." Cassidy and Carly ordered breakfast items while I opted for a yummy turkey samich. With our tummies full and bladders empty we headed to search for the camera.

Pit stop: Old Navy where my daughters managed to get two outfits each from the sale racks...Mom: nothing

Sams: it was a bust. nothing in our price range

Best Buy: BINGO!! Exactly what I wanted we chose wisely, bought the protection plan (since I lost my last digital camer to a few drops of water) and were on our way to the next stop: Woodland Hills mall.

By this time it is 8pm and we all know the malls close at 9pm so we had to hurry. Carly came prepared with her money that she earned the night before, but was reluctant to spend it. She would have rather spent mommy's money. haha what teenager wouldn't?

She found a couple of nice shirts at Aeropostale and Cassidy found some Princess figurines at The Disney Store. I was happy knowing that my camera awaited me in the car.

I have taken a few pictures but forgot to down load them before writing this post, so you will have to wait.

Stay tuned for pictures of Kai and his favorite Aunt SuSu. Tomorrow we will be dining with the Jory-San family before they depart for home in Japan.

That's all I have to tonight folks....g'nite.


  1. Sometimes sleeping too much seems to trick your brain into thinking you must be sick. :P

  2. Three days later... still waiting for those pictures....
    Too tired from all that shopping?

  3. Hooray!!!
    I'm so glad you got a digital camera.
    Now, you will be taking pics like crazy and posting them here.


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