Friday, August 24, 2007

Fry Day

Wow. Another week gone! The days fly by.....

I am just letting my thoughts wander tonight. Let's see where we end up shall we??

Go say Hi to Badoozie....she needs some cheering up.

My neighbor had a 4-D ultrasound this week and you would not believe the clarity of the pictures. You can see Baby Emily's nostrils!! How cool those things must be. Her US was totally for entertainment. Everything is going fine and Emily is still baking nicely.

Baby Kai loves all his Okie family. He is such a good baby and loves looking and laughing at us. I want to see him more and am restraining myself from hovering over them while they are here for their visit from Japan. They will be here one more week then back they go until Christmas-time.

Speaking of Christmas, how many shopping days are left? I should start saving now. My daughters are getting old enough that their "toys" are getting more and more expensive. :o)

CarlyJo locked herself out of her ipod. I should google a solution.

Uncle Joe had DirectTV installed this week. I haven't seen him since. haha Really it is a nice package, but who needs all those channels?? It does have a dvr so he can record things for me. Hey, Leslee there is a whole channel devoted to GH Today! You would love it.

I am going to attempt to sew some curtains for my kitchen this week. I have never sewed in my life. They may end up stapled together. :o)

We got a huge box of almonds from California this week. What a treat and what a yummy box!! We have had fun fun fun tasting all the different flavors. So far my fave is Razzberry Cheesecake. Check them out here.

We had a scare this week. One of CarlyJo's friend stepped on our cellar door and it collapsed. Kaitlin was not hurt, other than a nasty scrape to her belly and elbows THANK GOD. I am surprised UJ's defibrillator did not go off as scared as they all were.

Have you ever felt invisible? Sometimes I do.

My brain is tired and it wants to sleep now.

I will be attending a ladies retreat at my church tomorrow morning. Brunch, music and inspiration....sounds like a winner to me. :o)

Have a great weekend.


  1. Wow, you have so much going on at your house!
    How about a picture of the material you've chosen for curtains? (Sometimes I cheat and buy bed sheets or table cloths to use to make curtains. They're already the basic shape you need, and you just have to staple in a couple of places.) hee hee

  2. Babies, babies, babies!!
    How wonderful!! I'd be wanting to hug and hold and kiss Kai too. Babies are SO wonderful!!!
    I haven't seen one of those amazing ultrasounds yet. It sounds remarkable.
    Falling through a cellar!! OUCH!!

    I SEE YOU!!!
    You are not invisible. :-)

    I hope the women's retreat was encouraging and inspirational.

    Good luck with the sewing. Staples sound good.

  3. if you don't want to be invisible, make lots of noise and wear hot pink.

    why sew curtains? why not just buy some from target and save yourself the staples and

  4. my son almost locked me out..I had to go through all the numbers on the last number. Can't you reset it?

    And isn't that your ipod?

    I love me some baby smell. I like to smell their heads. There is just something about baby hair that smells tso sweet! hehe.


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