Friday, June 29, 2007

Whole Lotta Work

For a litta bitta cash!
I decided to clean out the garage this past week and sell what we didn't need out of there. (Isn't is amazing how we can determine others posessions to be garage sale fodder much easier than we can our own?) "If we haven't needed it by now, we don't need it any more!" was my slogan for the week. I have made a huge dent in out there and I am very proud of my dent if I do say so myself. My garage is now empty enough that I could have the next sale at my house instead of my parent's house. :o)
Carly will be home from her first week away at church camp. They went to Falls Creek in Davis Oklahoma. It rained alot (that is actually an understatement...we are neare flood stage!)this week here in Oklahoma so I am sure they had a water logged time. I only heard from her one time!! I am not sure if that makes me happy or sad!! That meant she was either having a fabulous time or duct taped to the bunk! I cannot wait to hear the stories. I bet we talk a mile a minute when she gets home tomorrow.
Cassidy will be selling cookies and lemon aide for those of you who might be available to stop by the garage sale tomorrow. They will be the best Oatmeal Chocolate Chip or Sugar Cookies you have ever had. Promise!! (and if you find an eggshell in your cookie you get a prize!)
Uncle Joe and I had to take Charlie Cat to the vet today. Seems his Cat Cage Fighting caught up with him in the form of an infected eye injury. He will be in the Animal Hosptital all weekend for a surgical procedure to remove all the infection and some TLC and pain meds. We knew he wasn't feeling well when he didn't fight going into the cat carrier. Last time he had a ringtail fit and ran away from the vet's office as they tried to get him in there. (The receptionist was very upset about that as it was her FIRST DAY ON THE JOB!)
Me? I am just enjoying the day off. We shut down today's sale about noon-thirty and now I have some free time to enjoy.


  1. by gum, I'm first!

    maybe you should have just lanced the cat's wound yourself and

    glad you had a good sale, and lived to tell about it!

  2. this is not good. it's been over a week and I'm your only commenter? you gotta fix this!!

  3. Think she'd sale me one of those cookies later this month?

  4. Poor puddy tat. I hope he is feeling better.

    Cage Fighting? ~snort~

    I've heard of empty garages but have yet to witness one. Do tell....

  5. I used to have an empty garage, because I used a flame thrower in it and got rid of all the stuff, and then I ran away and then I changed my name

  6. Sounds like Cass had a fantastic time at church camp - I mean she must have enjoyed herself a lot to not talk with her fantasticly gorgeous and fabulous mum?

  7. I hope the kitty is feeling better.


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