Saturday, June 16, 2007

I am still kicking

I have not fallen off the face of the earth, just busy.....

Mom was in the hospital for two days this week. A terrible bout of colitis had her writhing in abdominal pain and Dad finally got her to go to to the ER Monday afternoon. After waiting over 5 hours, she finally got to see a doctor. (My and My SIL's diagnosis of diverticulitis was almost right!) She was given some wonderful pain med via iv and had a ct scan and it confirmed colitis. She had iv antibiotics for 48 hours and was sent home to a bland diet for 2 weeks. She is not happy about that, but is complying nicely. Thanks for all your prayers when our need went out. :o)

UJ took me and Cassidy to a Burn Out contest last night her in Fort Gibson. I have never been to one, but it was kinda fun! There were several cars, some entering more than once, that were very impressive! The lone female driver was my favorite. She had a black pick up and did really well. She made it to the finals, but did not place. There was a 5 way tie for first place. So, they had to split the $500 pot 5 ways. Dang! I bet they were a little miffed.

Left: one of the winners

Right: the amount of smoke he produced stopped traffic on the highway!

I had a covert picture of some interesting pants I saw on a young girl, but I guess I accidentally deleted it. I was so afraid I would be caught trying to take the picture by the people standing behind me, but i did it! I was so proud. She had ripped her jeans and laced them back up with a strand of velvet cord leaving a big gap showing her leg. She had on black panty hose.....complete with the panty part showing. (c'mon!! sheer hose woman!!) there were also several hundred safety pins holding various other holes and rips shut.

I wish I had been able to get a pic of one of the judges. He has the best helmet hair I have seen in a long time. It was lacquered and full. is the Car Show down town. We may head down there and check it out too. UJ got interested in all the old trucks. We have a '47 Ford he has dreamed of getting fixed up.......

Have a great weekend y'all. Tell your Daddy you love him.

PS:My parent's 40th Wedding Anniversary is today! I am so proud of them. My mother should be sainted for putting up with my Dad for 40+years. :o) haha He came by my office yesterday for flower advice. He wanted me to pick up something for Mom and I refused. I know that his effort to go pick out the flowers and deliver them is what will make her happy. :o)


  1. Mom I want a new blog layout thing that is black and red,
    or pink and black, get me one. PLZ!

  2. Happy Father's Day to UJ.

    Glad to hear your mom is doing better.

    I wished I could see Pant Girl and Helmet Head. That would have been funny to see!

  3. Happy Fathers day yuour Hubby!
    I am glaed to haer you Mom is beatter.
    LOL at the visueal for the paentgurl.
    Happy Anniversery to your paerents!
    Haeve a woenerful weeakend!
    Huggles and Love,

  4. wow, I've never heard of a five-way tie.

  5. I'm still kicking too!

    Hey, your background makes me think of cooler days.

  6. I'm really surprised you liked the burnout contest, you are so dainty

    so that was good you didn't do dads work for him

  7. you blog like I do...

    I'll be down around the end of July. Will you be around?


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