Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mudders Day

I would be very sad if I were this mudder's Mother. :o)
Seriously, though:
To My Mother:
It has taken me my whole adult life to comprehend all you did for us, taking care of us and making our house a home, making sacrifices for us and teaching us to always do the right thing. Thank you for all you do for us to this day. Your help is welcomed and very much appreciated. I am so proud to call you my mother. You are a wonderful woman and I love you very much.
Thank you for making me laugh, letting me cry and for being my friend.


  1. happy mamalamadingdong day

  2. I wanna play in the mud!!!

    Happy mudder's...i mean mother's day!!

  3. I hope the girls and your hubby made you feel special and very loved on Mother's Day, unlike the other days of the year where they make contstant demands on your time and energy.

    I actually did a mud bath at a spa once, and all I could think of was wondering whose butts had been in that mud before me. I asked them and NO they do not get new mud for each client. Eeeew!!!

  4. You are just too sweet.


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