Saturday, January 13, 2007

What I am doing right now...... - Create custom images


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  2. Love the picture!
    Take care
    Get well soon
    Love, Raggedy

  3. Hmmmm. That "spammer" name above looks familiar. I think they visited Badoozer quite a bit.

    I hope you're relaxing and napping. :)

  4. Askintoo, where have you been? I thought Badoozie tied you up.

    Raggedy doesn't that look wonderful??

    Anne: my children refuse to let me take a nap. I was awakened by Joe threatening Cassidy not to wake me up. She did.

  5. Man, that looks tasty.

  6. Hmmm... I miss Starbucks. I'm ready for all this ice to go away!

  7. Jenn: come on down and we will fix you up real nice. uncle joe has a restaurant size coffee machine and can make a mean cuppajo.

    Leslee: you and me both. it was fun for a while, but now it is just sad.

    Seeker: what is it with you and doubles?? double babies and now double mochachinolattes!? haha

  8. hmmmm well how's this? you're grounded.

  9. ooooh, carly is gonna get it...but we can blame it on the weather, now can't we? Your ice storms are like ours out here. 3inches on EVERYTHING. This years weather stinks for us too. There is two inches of snow here, rare for here but every couple of years the weather likes to have some fun. At least we have our coffee!! :o)


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