Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hey who turned out the lights?

Northeastern Oklahoma is in the middle of a horrible ice storm right now. Much of Muskogee, where I work is out of power including our ISP, so no surfing the internet for the Joes. We live in Fort Gibson, and thank God, our power never went out. It flickered a bit, but never went down. Uncle Joe's family was all without power, but not with out heat. ANP's hubby bought them a big ole mammajamma generator and they are fired up and doing well other than a case of Cabin Fever I think. G-mom and GrandPat retreated to a bedroom and used the gas stove for heat, and Papa and Granny are living in their living room around their gas heater. Uncle Joe checked on everyone today , Papa was happy as a lark, making the best of a chilly situation! :o) Everyone else should have power restored shortly.......but then I guess "shortly" is all relative.

The loss of trees is horrible!! There are limbs everywhere you look. I hate to see those wonderful trees just fall down, but with all that weight on them, they just couldn't withstand it.

Yesterday my dad and I went on a drive up on Garrison Hill in Fort Gibson. As we were coming back down the sun was setting and as far as we could see was beautiful sparkley glass trees. All we could see was the tops of them and they were shining like diamonds. Hard to believe that beauty was so damaging.

We have had lots of time to just lay around this weekend and it was abso-loootly wonderful! I got to read my book and we watched football and movies all day. It was great! The kids are out an extra day of school because of all the damage and I haven't heard about tomorrow yet.

Anywhoooooo.....stay warm!


  1. oh, I'm so glad you are okay, AJ! Stay warm and don't go nuts cooped up. :o) I'm emailing you....

  2. I am glad everyone is weathering the storm.
    Stay warm.

    Have a wonderful day!
    (=':'=) hugs
    (")_ (")Š from
    the Cool Raggedy one

  3. Another round of winter weather should be here just in time for next weekend. But it's suppose to be just snow. I know I've got my fingers crossed!

  4. We lost power for 24 hours. Our house is total electric so no heat or lights but my Mom's who is also total electric has been out since Saturday. They are staying with us. We are very thankful the only thing we lost is our trees.

  5. that post actually made me really miss winter...
    We have hardly any snow at all this winter. We have had maybe an inch - all within the last 10 days, and melted away the day after it came. Not a normal winter.. But Ok - I'm not complaining. It's sort of nice to be able to wear sneakers all year round!

  6. Had our second hurricane over here a couple of days ago... yeah, see, it's just not worth having hurricanes if you're not living in sunny Florida!

    My heart goes out to you - people over here have trouble with electricity too, and not that they are having too much of it... *sigh*

  7. What a crazy winter we are having. First, so mild, and now... the deep freeze and ice storms.
    Looking for Spring...

  8. i'm here, i'm here, better late than never!


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