Friday, January 05, 2007

Long Distance Relationships

Tuesday night, during "pillow talk" Joe was complaining about all the morning traffic past his side of the bed. (hey-three girls getting ready generates a lot of traffic!!)

I suggested moving to my side of the bed, farthest away from the walk-way. here is his response (paraphrased)

"What? Moving to your side of the bed is like moving to the East Coast after living on the West Coast all your life!"

Wow.....and I thought it was just a big ole bed. Little did I know it is the whole nation!

Luckily, flights to the Midwest were cheap that night.

In other news:

Last night as CassiJo was playing waitress with Uncle Joe she announced the Special was mashed potatoes and chicken ribs. I hope it wasn't too hard for him to eat the meat off those little bitty bones. :o)

In other other news:

CarlyJo is anly about 3 inches shorter than me. She is growing so tall and pretty!


  1. I will not comment on you bed because UJ gets mad when I make fun of him. Cassi and Peanut should Start their own restaurant, that's one of her favorite games too!

  2. you will soon be the shrimp around there!

  3. I think he could use a view of the pacific ocean since he has been looking at the atlantic all his
    The girls sound lovely.
    Have a wonderful day!
    (=':'=) hugs
    (")_ (")Š from
    the Cool Raggedy one

  4. it's better to move around. Better for the mattress and better for ear wax drainage because everyone knows ear wax buildup is a killer after causing selective hearing..something like that.

  5. Cassi and Peanut would make a fortune!!

    Joe? What are you sayin'? You aren't talking to me are you??

    Badoozie: Put the cr@ack pipe down!!

    Raggedy: Yes he should move it would do him good.

    Emma: You have no idea about the ear wax war we have.

  6. Yum, chicken ribs. Give those to my husband and he will eat the bones... eeeeewwwww :P

  7. I've never had chicken ribs but I'm sure I had pigeon McNuggets

  8. Are you mocking chicken ribs? Why I make the best barbecued chicken ribs on the planet.

    Kids do grow TOO quickly! Courtney wants to be taller than me so badly, but unless she grows one more inch, she will not get her wish. Tay passed me up long ago, but I could still whoop him if I had to... I think... maybe not.

    Switching sides is a big deal. I think it would be like being right handed all your life and then switch to using your left hand predominantly. Major change!

    I hope no Midwest flights get canceled due to bad weather. :) Sometimes Midwest FIGHTS can cause cancellations. :0 :) Teeeee-heeee!!

  9. Jenn: He could choke on those tiny ribs!!

    Ted: Mmmm McGood!

    Jamie Dawn: I am a frequent flyer to the midwest......


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