Wednesday, November 29, 2006

and God said, "Let there be ice."

We are watching the news here in Oklahoma and there are nasty predictions of up to 10inches of snow and ice accumulation. Who knows if I will be able to make it in to work!? My dad, being the sweetie that he is will call me in the morning to make sure I don't need a ride. Uncle Joe says he will put his foot down if it is really bad and make me stay home. I don't think he will have to try too hard. ;o)

I sent Uncle Joe to the store for snackies and staples ("code" for toilet paper) I on the other hand will be in charge of our entertainment. I am sneaking off to Blockbuster for a movie!

Maybe we will all get to snuggle up in bed tomorrow and look at the snow falling down and have a nice pot of stew........mmmmmmm

How is the weather in YOUR neck of the woods??


  1. I like the new look!!

    It's currently in the 60's here - not normal. Temperature is suppose to drop tomorrow night. If the weather man predicted 10 inches of snow here every grocery would be out of bread and milk in two seconds. No one cares about toilet paper - just bread and milk.

  2. This is the storm of the century. I have 20 years of guitar player magazine in case we run out of T.P.

  3. Ted. NOOOOO!!!!!!!
    Save Guitar Player...!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It is freakin' cold! There is a little of that nasty white stuff on the ground, and more is coming down.
    Went to the store last night, surprisingly, there was still bread and milk! That's usually gone at the first hint of bad weather here, too.

  5. We used the people magazine last storm of the century. And another magazine with perfume samples in it that was refreshing

  6. it's snowing here too...although i like the snow? my boys boots don't fit so i h ave to rush in another pair

  7. Toilet paper is a snackie?

    No wonder it goes so fast...


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