Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bizzy Bees

I thought I had better post something so you all wouldn't think we were in-hiding or something.....

We have been busy with lots of stuff lately. What you might ask??

Dance recitals-CassiJo had hers last Saturday night. Her class was dressed in the cutest costumes. She had a light blue pinafore dress over a white body suit (all very sparkley of course) The teacher wanted everyone's hair in an up-do, but I can't stand to see little baby girls with grown-up hair do's and all that makeup, so we just put her hair in braids. She looked like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. Now we must find some ruby red slippers and she has a Halloween costume too! :o)

Garden-Uncle Joe has sprouted a green arm! He has planted a garden in our back yard and has been nursing it day and night. We have tomatoes, grapes, peppers, dill, cilantro, chives, green beans, cucumbers and various flowers planted. He has worked really hard on it and it looks fabulous. I can't wait for some cucumbers and fresh green beans! He has a patio umbrella set up so he can sit in the shade and rest after working too. It is a nice place to go and visit while the girls play in the pool or in the house. :o)

Packing- great news! For those who don't know, my late grandmother's house has been offered to us at a deal that is too good to turn down, so we are moving to Fort Gibson, about 10 miles away from our current home. The house is considerably newer than our current home and seems to be a little larger. (I haven't looked at the exact square doesn't really matter at this point!) The house was built (by my father) in 1983 and is a very sound home. It is plain but pretty. There will be a few repairs that need to be done, but those will be done by me and my fatherand mother. We will be able to re-paint the interior to suit us and buy some new carpet too. We are thrilled beyond words that my family is doing this for us. We are a little nervous about being back in Fort Gibson....we are used to being right in the middle of Muskogee and running here and there on a whim. It will be a nice change to be in a quiet neighborhood with children. CarlyJo and CassiJo won't know what to think with other children to play with. We have been in our current home for 10 years and there are no children for them to play with! When we move there are several families that have children, so that will be great!

So in light of our move, we also have to get our house prepared to sell.Which will include some repairs, painting, recarpeting and a MAJOR MONDO GINORMOUS GARAGE SALE! I don't want to pack up all this stuff we have accumulated. (I know Joe will blame me for it, but he was there too!! haha) We have already packed a few boxes and haven't made a dent. Our new motto? PURGE!! PURGE!!

Van- we have a van that has been ummm.....dormant for about 5 years and we decided to try and fire it up and see if we could get it in some sort of shape to either drive or sell. Ted, our friend and jack-of-all-trades came and helped Joe get it started and is still working on getting it in tip-top shape. Once we determine if the AC is going to work or not we will decide to keep it and let Joe and the girls toodle around town in it or sell it.

VBS-the girls have been in VBS all week with Nana (my mother) in Fort Gibson. I wanted them to be able to make some friends that they will see when they start school in August. Carly has been particularly nervous as she will start 6th grade, which is Middle School in Ft. Gibson. She has made some new friends and told me last night that she isn't as nervous as she was about going to MS. (Whew! it worked!) They had their program to sing the parent's all the songs they learned during the week and I got misty watching my babies up there. God is so good to me.

Life- it is amazing how much we can find to do outside in the evenings. it is great to spend time with the family doing stuff around the house. the girls are getting along fairly well so far...but then again it is only the second week of summer vacation! We hardly turn on the television any more and I LOVE THAT!

Reading- Susie, Emma and I started a book can see the link to the right. I read Memoirs of a Geisha and Idiot Girl's Action Adventure Club and had a good time! I finished the Geisha book and ran to Blockbuster within 30 minutes and rented the movie. We watched it with Ted and his wife last week and it was good! I recommend reading the book BEFORE seeing them movie. The movie would have been hard to follow without the insight that the book offered. I am looking forward to our next book on the book blog. I actually made time to read, but then again I was totally hooked on the Geisha book from the first page.

Music- Uncle Joe finished his tour for the 1st half of the year last night at the Relay for Life here in Muskogee. The band members are all pretty busy with this or that this summer so they will take the rest of the summer off and enjoy it.

Me you ask? I have just been busy being QueenBee. :o)

So, what have you been up to??


  1. Great Post! The garden sounds wonderful. It also sounds like the move will be a wonderful new experience. I enjoyed my visit with you. Thanks!

    Thanks for the comment you left at my place it was beautiful!

  2. Great Post! The garden sounds wonderful. It also sounds like the move will be a wonderful new experience. I enjoyed my visit with you. Thanks!

    Thanks for the comment you left at my place it was beautiful!

  3. I must find time to read that book.

    Good luck with your move and the purging.

    My husband is the packrat to end all packrats. Can't imagine what he'd go through if we had to move.

  4. hi!
    Sorry I've been so absent - and I totally forgot to thank you for the lovely card - and letter! I have been really busy myself lately, and in less than a week I go on my much needed vacation..
    on that note - please visit my blog and read my new post. I need some help...

  5. well, we have that end of the year party-g0-round with school thing going on, my girly girly will or won't be getting her cast off, I have to plan a curriculum for 3rd grade, summer is here, Hubby is home all the time and we haven't decided if that is a good thing...and I havn't felt like blogging!

    But that garden sounds mouth watering!

  6. So are you doing Random Acts of Cleaning this week? I think moving into a family home that your father built is really cool! Maybe I can see it when I come visit...?

  7. wow, AJ! Busy Bee indeed-y!

    Lots of good news. So, when is the big move? Is it closer to your job? Fresh veggies rock.

    You have a wonderful peace about you that shines in your posts. I'm taking notes....hehe.


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