Sunday, April 09, 2006

This Thing Really Sucks!!

When Joe and I were off Thursday we had to go to Sears, here at our local mall. I decided to check out the vacuum cleaners and LOOK what i found!! I found this Bissell vacuum regularly $180 on Clarence's Rack for $32.99!! Can you believe that? I surely snatched that up. I had a great Panasonic vaccuum but somehow, after 10 years of faithful service it decided to retire.

I love the retro look and the color if fabulous! Another great thing is the motor is a detachable canister too. It is also a bagless so I can forget about making a special trip to the vaccuum cleaner store 30 miles away to buy a gross of bags. (it seems that NO ONE in our town stocks Panasonic bags, wouldn't you know)

I know you all are coveting my vaccuum cleaner right at this very moment, but you will have to find your own. This one is MINE!!


  1. Cute vacuum cleaner. Want to try it out at my place? PR hasn't vacuumed in a while, and it sure needs it...

  2. And when you're finished there...

  3. American vacuum cleaners look weird...
    this is what my vacuum cleaner looks like:

  4. Very nice Nerdine!

    Mine changes into a canister!

    Cool huh?

    Granny you and Seeker send me a ticket and I am there! I'll do anything for a blogger in need.

  5. who hooooo, i love that vaccum. it is racer style. now, you will be vaccumming even when you don't need to. please draw the line at sleeping with it, or spooning it.

  6. can i at least take a nap with it?

  7. your title is cracking me up


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