Sunday, April 09, 2006

Fun Day at the Parade

Here are some pictures of CarlyJo and CassiJo at the Azalea Festival Parade yesterday. The weather was very nice...sunny and chili...oops I mean chilly. :o) It was also the annual Chili Cookoff. We sampled some chili, some hot links, and bbq. Who won you ask? We have no idea!

Uncle Joe and the band played an intermission for a local church band. There wer SO many other bands playing in such a small area that they had a hard time hearing themselves. They were not happy with their performance, but to the audience it sounded fine. Hopefully, the next performance will be more to their liking. Uncle Joe came home a little sunburned cold hands felt good on his hot sunburned cranium this morning. :o)

We all came home smelling of smoke and I had to take a shower to get back to my vanilla-scented self.


  1. Sunny and chilly, huh?
    Now, when you say chilly......

  2. well, you promised to post a pic of the azalea's around those parts. now, here you go and post a bunch of pic's and i find fault and want something you don't have. aint that just like me.

    please re word the hot hands cold head thing

  3. The girls look like movie starletts.
    Dig those hats and shades!

  4. Seeker, yea, I wasn't cold compared to Chicago, but we were expecting shorts weather!

    Susie i don't think i promised to do that. i am going to need proof of that claim in writing please.
    BTW you can't see our nice big Starbucks waterbottle full of lemonade we took with us ;o)

    Jamie, the visor was great for CassiJo...her hair would have blown all over the place and as you can see the visor kept it out of her eyes nicely. Carly wouldn't wear hers.


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